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About VisionCare Optometry (Castleford)

VisionCare Optometry, your local Independent Optometry practice in the York area. We provide timely and appropriate visual assessments and professional assistance to meet the visual needs of the patients in our care.

Our Mission

We recognise that every patient is an individual. We seek to improve the quality of our patients lives by enabling them to use their vision more effectively. We do this by:

  • Educating our patients on the difference between sight and vision
  • Carrying out thorough eye exams and visual assessments
  • Providing timely and appropriate solutions or professional assistance to meet the visual needs identified above
  • Ensuring that all our staff have the knowledge and skills to support the service and have the experience required at a professional level
  • Ensuring that the patient journey through our practice will provide a quality experience resulting in their visual or training needs being met.

Behavioural Optometry is a specialisation within Optometry that focuses attention on the quality of visual skills rather than just the ability to “see”. It investigates how the brain, eyes and body work together as a team and although we are born with a pair of eyes, the process of understanding what we see is a learned skill. 

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